Buyer Guide

When comes to purchase new development, you are strongly suggested to work out your property financing and understand the governmental policies.  Here are some essential points you should consider.

  1. Buy new project from developer, sales process, payment scheme and timeline
  2. Property loan: understand the property loan fundamentals in Singapore.
  3. Property related taxes: Stamp Duty, Additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty, Seller’s Stamp Duty, Property Tax, etc..
  4. CPF money: for Singaporean and Singapore Permanent Residents, CPF is an important financing source for purchase private home. there are CPF policies relevant to purchase a residential property.
  5. Property financing: it’s about affordability and commitment under Total Debt Serving Ratio(TDSR) framework, Loan-to-Value Limits, and cash down payment, if you plan to use bank loan to finance the progressive payment after settle the down payment.